If you are a Pokémon fan, chances are you are still working on the latest entries – Pokemon Sword and Shield – on the Switch. But if you can’t access your Switch right now, or if you’re hoping to get the console for Christmas, there are two more. Pokemon games you can play right now for free.

This week, The Pokemon Company launched two games on the Facebook Instant Games platform: Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle. Tower battle, available worldwide, pits players against each other as they try to stack Pokémon’s tallest tower without knocking any of them off the platform. You can even catch and upgrade Pokemon along the way, and you can play with friends or strangers.

Battle of Medallion, on the other hand, is a card battle strategy game currently only available in the Asia-Pacific region. In the game, players collect, evolve, and battle Pokémon in medallion form while earning gym badges and developing their Pokedex. New Pokémon will be introduced every month so players can upgrade their decks.

Image source: Facebook

“We’re excited to launch two new entries in the Pokémon franchise on Facebook Gaming,” Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokémon Company, said in a press release. “Launching these games through Facebook will allow people around the world to experience Pokémon digitally, and we are especially excited to be working with Facebook Gaming to enable a new audience to enjoy Pokémon games online. “

If you want to try Pokémon Tower Battle, you can find it by searching for it on Facebook.com, or by searching the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile device and pressing the Player button.