Some new Pokemon animated content, including a feature film and an all-new series, will arrive on Disney XD in December.

Now is the perfect time to be a Pokemon fan. Not only do we have the new video games, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Releasing on November 18th, we also have some animated features coming soon.

Exclusive to Disney XD, a brand new movie will be released on December 5th. Known under the name of Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Wonder, this will tell about the adventures of Ash and Volcanion.

Together, they must save Magearna from an enemy who wants to use his mysterious powers to conquer the kingdom. Check out the new movie trailer below:

Along with the premiere of the film will be the first two episodes of the all-new series, Pokemon the series: Sun and Moon. This will be the 20th season of the hugely popular Pokemon franchise. Check out the new trailer for the series below:

The new series will see Ash enter the new Alola region. It’s an exciting new adventure for them, where they will meet new Pokémon as well as familiar Pokémon that have adapted to the new environment.

Disney XD is the official network for Pokemon animated content. Throughout the multi-year deal, we’ll see new Pokemon movies and shows, as well as everything else in the world. Pokemon library.

Here is a statement from The Pokemon Company International Senior Vice President Emily Arons:

In our 20-year celebration, fan appetite for Pokemon is at an all-time high and the Pokemon Company International is excited to partner with Disney XD as the new home for Pokemon animation in the United States. Disney XD is the perfect way to bring Pokémon entertainment to kids and fans across the country on its multiple platforms.

As previously stated, we will be able to see the first two episodes of the new series on December 5th. However, the series won’t make its official debut until early 2017.

Finally, thanks to a press release, check out some cool posters for the upcoming film and series:

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We look forward to the new game and all the new animated content.